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Toll Free: 1-877-444-3668
Podiatrists: Richard Mandal

Edmonton Downtown Clinic (West Oliver) Podiatrist & Foot Clinic

Health professionals at The Foot Institute – Edmonton Downtown concentrate on the surgical and medical treatment of the foot and ankle. Foot Institute Doctors devote an average of a decade in learning, the first 4 years in undergrad studies to secure a Bachelors Degree, and the following four years in Medical School to obtain a Podiatric Medical Degree. Podiatric Medical School resembles standard medical school and in reality various podiatry programs are contained within these schools. After getting a Podiatric Medial Degree, Podiatrists at the Foot Institute finish a hospital "internship" or residency for yet another 1 to 3 years.

At the completion of the internship or residency, our Podiatrists have obtained significant medical training with an emphasis on problems involving the feet and ankles. Our Doctors are trained to address concerns ranging from regular ailments for instance ingrown and fungal toenails, to those which are much more challenging for example clubfoot, bunions, or reconstructive surgery of the foot. Our Doctors have substantial surgical education which furnish them the experience vital to perform surgery on those problems that are best treated through surgical intervention.

Foot Institute Doctors likewise have an extensive knowledge and understanding of biomechanics, which is the study of the forces which the feet and legs undergo as we walk, run or perform other activities. Learning about biomechanics and gait abnormalities enables a Podiatrist to develop shoes and orthotics which can deliver pain relief and help prevent numerous problems which the feet routinely encounter.

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"Just as you visit your dentist and optometrist for regular check-ups. We recommend a visit to your podiatrist to prevent or treat foot and related problems."

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