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I, along with several members of my family have been faithful patients of The Foot Institute for many years. My daughter resides in Calgary and has been treated by both Dr. Fitzner and Dr. Lehr and had her foot surgery done there. It went extremely well and she was back to work in just a few days and has not had any pain since. I have been treated by Dr. Mandal and Young in Edmonton over the years for numerous foot and related back problems and found their expertise and bedside manner exceptional.

They truly offer a 1st class service and although they are busy doctors they always answer my questions and have kept me in tiptop shape over the years. I highly recommend The Foot Institute.

Diane H.

I believe the Foot Institute is truly the best group of foot specialists you will find anywhere. I like the fact that I can be seen in Edmonton and then receive follow-up care in Red Deer or Grande Prairie (where I work from time to time). The doctors that I have seen (Dr. Young and Fitzner) are experts in their field and the only reason I am walking today, I give full credit to them.

I suppose the reason they are the largest group of foot doctors in Alberta and have thousands of patients is likely because they are among the best. Definitely give them a call and book your appointment with Dr. Young, Mandal or Fitzner.

Dave M.

I had pain in my back, knees and feet for years and went to many different specialists such as orthopedic surgeons, family doctors, chiropractors and could not get help anywhere. I then went to see Dr. Mandal at The Foot Institute and he prescribed orthotics as well as ESWT from their physiotherapist which he said would fix my problems. I was a little hesitant as I had had orthotics before from a chiropractor but Dr. Mandal explained the many differences (you get what you pay for) and said he would provide a money back refund if they did not work. They worked!!

I now understand there is a great difference in orthotics and would recommend anyone go see the experts at The Foot Institute. They are highly trained doctors and I have discovered that other professional know very little about the feet. Sometimes my service at The Foot Institute was a little slow but I guess that is because they are so popular and have so many patients. It is worth the wait as they truly stand behind their promises.

Brandon P.

I was having a lot of problems associated with my foot. Mostly pain when standing or walking for too long periods of time. My wife finally convinced me to go and see Dr. Young at The Foot Institute. I'm glad to say it worked out extremely well. Dr. Young recommended orthotics, which after some getting used to, have helped considerably.

I am now able to be on my feet most of the day at work virtually pain free. I would highly recommend him to anyone out there who is hesitating in making that appointment – don't wait any longer!

Rick K.

As a runner, any decision about surgery is a big deal. Dr. Young is very knowledgeable, he explained everything clearly pre op/post op. I strongly recommend him for ay foot problems.


Thank you to Dr. Young, the outcome was very positive, my mobility after surgery is restored. We are fortunate to have such qualified doctors in Alberta.


Dr. Mandal has always been great. He does a good job, I keep coming back! Very seldom do I have to wait and sometimes I even get in on really short notice!


I have had the privilege of being a patient of Dr. Mandal's over the years. In my opinion, he is very thorough and compassionate. His honesty dictates that he addresses any problem with appropriate measures. Overall the front end staff and assistants, along with the doctors approachable personality, have made this a very pleasant experience.


Previous to my appointment with Dr. Woodruff from the Foot Institute, I was walking out of alignment through poor fitted orthotics I received from another provider. They say three times lucky, it was in my case. Thankfully I found the Foot Institute. It took a wee bit of time with a little adjustment, but they have got me walking again properly. The service one receives is outstanding. They listen to you and help explain things so it all make sense, this way you can work with them to get you back on your feet.

Thanks to Doctor Woodruff, DPM and his amazing staff At the Foot Institute I can now walk pain free on the best fitting orthotics in Red Deer.

Vicki C.

I'm inspired when I come to your clinic to keep up the care of my feet because they feel so great when I leave here.

Janet H.

You guys are awesome here! Even after I was late for my apt. you still greeted me and made me feel welcome. Mary Jane M.

Mary Jane M.

I think I can go dancing.

Harold S.

I've been seeing Dr. Young from the Foot Institute for over 15 years and have found his expertise, skill and kindness to be outstanding! He has helped me with issues related to skating and hockey, as well as running. My quality of life has been better thanks to his help. I couldn't offer a higher recommendation for anyone else than for Dr. Young!


In my early twenties I started having pain with my feet, knees and lower back. The pain would interfere with daily activities, walking, and sleep. I was referred to the Foot Institute and scheduled to see one of their doctors. The assessment process was completed and Dr. Young knew what was causing my pain. My foot had lost its arch and I was now flat footed. I didn't even know that was possible! With the help of Dr. Young and his staff a pair of custom orthotics were made. My orthotics go everywhere I do. Over the years I have needed adjustments made to insure the best fit and use of the orthotics. Dr. Young is talented and knowledgeable in his field of medicine. To me this is key, knowing my feet are in such good hands.


These orthotics fixed all my problems, hips/knees and I am running again. He knew exactly what was wrong.


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"Most types of foot pain can be prevented. It is important to have a qualified Podiatric Physician ensure your feet are the healthiest they can be."

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