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Podiatrists: Joshua Leavitt

Camrose Podiatrist & Foot Clinic

Specialists here at The Foot Institute – Camrose specialize in the medical and surgical treatment of the ankle and foot. They invest around ten years in learning, the first 4 years in undergraduate studies to acquire a Bachelors Degree, and the following 4 years in Medical School to attain a Podiatric Medical Degree. Podiatric Medical School is similar to conventional medical school and as a matter of fact various podiatry training programs are located within these institutions. After obtaining a Podiatric Medial Degree, Podiatrists at the Foot Institute finish a hospital "internship" or residency for yet another 1 - 3 years.

At the conclusion of the internship or residency, our Podiatrists have received significant health care training with an emphasis on problems regarding the ankles and feet. Foot Institute Doctors are studied to address complications ranging from basic disorders for instance, ingrown and fungal toe nails, to those which are a lot more sophisticated for example, clubfoot, bunions, or reconstructive surgery of the foot. Our physicians have thorough surgical training which supply them the skill crucial to execute surgery on those problems that are best managed through surgical intervention.

Doctors at the Foot Institute likewise have a comprehensive practical knowledge and understanding of biomechanics, which is the study of the forces which the feet and legs receive as we walk, run or perform other activities. Realizing biomechanics and gait irregularities makes it easy for a Podiatrist to design shoes and orthotics which can give pain relief and avoid numerous complications which the feet normally encounter.

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"Just as you visit your dentist and optometrist for regular check-ups. We recommend a visit to your podiatrist to prevent or treat foot and related problems."

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